Home Automation

You work for your home all the time but wouldn't it be nice if your home (and the technology you put in it) work for you too? I'll cover the things I've done it my own home so that you can follow along.

Does the New Lowes Iris Bridge Technology and Home Improvement?

8-Nov-15 by Sarah
As Lowes announces the latest updated for the Iris system, the push from the major home improvement retailers to get you to spend more money on home automation continues. Let's see what the changes in the new system are and how much improvement you really get.

Get Your Order In for the Microbot Push

13-Nov-15 by Sarah
Startup Naran has come up with an automation finger to help you bring the internet of things to your living room. The little Bluetooth smart fingers can be used to turn on and off paddle type light switches or turn a stereo system on and off from the comfort of your couch.