Does the New Lowes Iris Bridge Technology and Home Improvement?

8-Nov-15 by Sarah
Lowes announces the latest updated for the Iris system, the push from the major home improvement retailers to get you to spend more money on home automation continues. Let's see what the changes in the new system are and how much improvement you really get.

Earlier this month Lowes began quietly rolling out the second generation of the Iris home automation system built around Centralite Zigbee hardware. If you did not know, that's the same company behind solutions from Comcast, PEQ, and Smartthings as well.

According to a post on their web site, legacy Iris users will get a free hub upgrade to be able to work with many of the new devices. It looks like the advantage for Lowes is the addition of more sensors that you will (of course!) purchase from Lowes.

So is the Lowes Iris system just the home improvement that you might pick up the next time you find yourself looking to spruce up your home?

Take a look at the new app to help you decide:

If you like the idea of having your lights turn on and off automatically when you come home or when it gets dark, then the Iris system may be the right one for you. The smart hub is affordably priced to get started. Unfortunately, many reviews complain about the $10 per month fees to access more advanced features that most consumers will expect by default, especially since there are many other home automation vendors without ongoing fees.

If you don't like what you see for the Iris system, check out these other DIY alternatives: